The Blue Skies Lie (A Poem)

I relish in my destiny,
For the blue skies always lie,
The truth remains a mystery,
Underneath the sunny skies.

Reality often resides,
Just beyond my sight,
For the truth is often revealed to me,
In the darkness of the night.

So please don’t fear the Sunless sky,
Or the blindness you can’t see,
In the power of a sightless world,
It’s the moon glow that sets you free.

Just beyond the lies that we’ve been told,
Just outside our baseless dreams,
Echoes a truth alive within our hearts,
And the love that it redeems.

In the flag that burns, on hope we’ve tread,
Through mystic, mindless seas,
I’ve forgotten you, my brother still,
A piano’s absent keys.

Tonight on stone my head shall lie,
And pray the Moon does rise above,
On fragile earth I’ll turn to speak,
To the woman that I love.

Give honor to the moments when,
You fell, broken and forlorn,
For in the bloodied, hardened sand,
The best of you was born.


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