The Short Story of a Simple Truth

He just knew.

If anyone asked him why he was in love with her, he simply replied “I just am.”  If someone asked him how he was able to deal with the distance between them he would reply, “I just do.”  When his friends wondered how he could deal with the weeks between seeing her he simply shrugged and said, “I just can.”

His replies had become simple over the years.   When they began he would describe elaborately to all who would listen how much he loved this woman.  He’d demonstrate his loyalty for all who would watch, and he would get into long discussions describing his love for her when he was challenged.  There was no doubt in anyone he knew that he loved her, and that he was her man, and he liked it that way.

He had mellowed over the years.  Soon the distance between them would close, and the time between visits would be nil.  They had been committed to each other for a number of years now, and the years had converted what were rough seas into calm waters.  She had healed him and, in some respects, they had healed each other.  Now this man and this woman walked together in ways many would never know, many times simply to be with each other in a moment that would become eternity.

His once elaborate protestations of love were his truth.  He had never known such passion for another human being.  He felt something when he saw her.  He knew all he need to know when he was with her.  He needed nothing when in her arms and asked for nothing in their moments of passion.  He felt her in every breath and saw her in the beauty all around him.  In their moments apart, he could feel her hold him in the pink-hued clouds of a summer sunset.  He could hear her whisper to him in the sounds of a running stream.  He would smile at the thought of seeing this or that with her, and would vow to bring her to these places in their moments together.  He wanted her to see his world and to know him through these things. Once she was there with him he could revisit these places in her absence and remember.

Once he feared.  He feared her and in giving himself to her.  He fought her, and she fought him right back.  He tested her, and she refused to accept the test.  She was not them, she was beautiful and smart and everything he needed.  The nightmares and demon-voices would warn him and he would react, and she would fight him hard.  He hated those voices, and he hated the terrors they brought to him.  He knew the truth, and he wanted to believe.

Then he resolved to embrace the truth and own it.  He stood firm and fought back against the onslaught of fear and insecurity.  This time instead of fighting him, she was fighting next to him, like a warrior princess alongside her prince standing with their backs against the wall ready to win or die trying.  It was in this battle that they found each other, and where that unbreakable bond of trust and love was made whole.  He learned he could trust and have faith in her without question and she learned of his incredible strength and resolve in love despite facing the haunting face of his own demons.

When the dust settled they were standing there, hand in hand with their lips embracing each other tenderly.  There they found freedom, and there she taught him more than he had ever learned.  He proved to her the depth of his love for her, and for her that meant the world.  He would never steal from her who she was but would instead stand guard and protect her without question.  He would not control her, he would fiercely protect her independence.  He would never need ask her for a thing, for she would freely give of herself to the man she loved without worry and without question.  The Yin and the Yang met there, where they stood, and that was enough for the Universe to sing loudly.

From then on, when someone asked him why he was in love with her, he would simply reply “I just am.”  When someone asked him how he dealt with the distance between them, he simply replied “I just do.”  When someone asked him how could deal with the weeks that spanned between their moments together he simply replied, “I just can.”  They were simple answers, particularly for this man so known for his elaborate responses.

Yet they were elaborate to him.  They were very detailed in describing the indescribable.  They described the gratitude he had for the gift that was her.  They described the salvation he found in a woman so strong that she not only fought him but fought for him.  Those simple replies encompassed an eternity of emotion and a never-ending spring of love within him.  He couldn’t describe any of this to them, and he felt no need to anymore.  Instead, he would hold his tongue and find her.  There he would hold her, kiss her, touch her and make love to her in a way that fully described how he felt.  Their eyes would speak a language no one else spoke, and their bodies would dance to a song no one else heard.  It did not matter to them here in that place where they stood, where they laid, where they danced together in unending ecstasy.  They had found each other and they were present in the moment they had created.  All else had ceased to exist.

In their lives they had found a short story of a simple truth.  Their entirety, their Universe, and the enormity of who they were could be found in three simple words they never failed to speak to each other.  “I love you.”  Those words righted a world that had once gone mad.  Those words solidified a truth that spanned a million moments.  Those words rang true for the eternity they described and the Universe they created.  They lived it, they breathed it, and it became everything.

photo by: Biscarotte

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