My First Kiss

sunset kiss

My first kiss.

I’d rather not share with you the tale of my first kiss.  That story of clumsy and ineffectual pecking is best saved for a time when I want to make my children laugh with hysterics in a more advanced age.  No, for this purpose I want to share with you all my first kiss, that kiss that still burns in my heart and still brings me to my knees.

She had come from a distance.  We had flirted with the idea of kissing for quite a while, and that idea had come to a reality in what seemed like an eternal wait for her body to meet in that place where our hearts and our souls had already arrived.  We had been talking for weeks and learning about each other at the most fundamental of levels, sharing pictures and teasing innuendo as we played with the idea of actually making something of the feeling we both shared.  My soul had never spoken to me before like it was speaking to me at that moment, and I had never felt the presence of another Being in me as I had her.  It was a love I had never experienced in my life, and one that still flows in my veins and brings my soul to a presence undeniably Divine.

The hours since she had alerted me to her departure dragged by.  It seemed like the weeks prior to her leaving were shorter than the 6 hours it took her to arrive.  She had texted me at the crossing of each state line during her drive, and when the text arrived that said “New Jersey” I nearly lost my breath in anticipation.  That hour and a half or so seemed to pass slower than had any other moment in my life.

Over and over again I seemed to look at the clock only to see the second-hand had moved.  I cursed the time and realized that the time she would be with me would move much faster.  I wondered if I could somehow capture the slowness of this moment and apply it to the moments we would share.  I knew somewhere Einstein was laughing in his grave at the notion.

Oddly, I had no doubt that this was to be a special meeting.  My eyes, my mind, my heart and my soul all had been opened to a wondrous new awareness in the weeks since our discussions had started.  The air tasted fresher as it entered my lungs.  The sky seemed brighter.  The tumult that was my life seemed relatively meaningless in the face of the power of what I was feeling. It seemed all so very perfect and necessary, and shortly I would hold the hand of a lover I had never met.

Weird, huh?  Yes, for me it was all so very weird.  My life had not led me to such a destination before, and my heart was not accustomed to such folly.  This type of relationship was not my type.  I had not met someone who inspired my Entirety the way she had. What happens if she is not real?  What if she never shows up?

Soon I found my mind drifting off to memories of her words, her voice, her sweet nothings and her beautiful everythings.  I was feeling the embrace of her mind and the touch of her soul in the chilled spring air as I sat in stillness feeling the rush of it all force out the seeds of doubt that were springing up all around me. I felt her getting closer to me with each inhalation to the point where exhalation became nearly impossible.

Eventually there came her headlights in the darkened distance.  As the two eyes of the night grew closer I could feel the gaps in my heartbeat become shorter and shorter.  I sat on a curb as some port of call for her to find until those lights got closer.  I stood up, barely able to stand but also unable to sit any longer.  The moment had arrived.

With some direction she parked her car and got out.  My body had forgotten the benefits of breathing as I walked over to greet her.  My God! her beauty caused me to flutter.  Her smile lit up the evening sky as if the Sun herself had come to the dance.  Her eyes, those gateways that had first captured my attention and caused me to reach out to the distant horizon, would not let me go.  At some point I stopped walking and began floating to the place where my entire world came together.

We hugged, and as our lips touched I had my first kiss.  For the first time the world ceased to exist where we were.  As our lips embraced and our tongues danced I couldn’t tell you where I was or what was around me.  Except her.  Her heartbeat.  Her breath.  Her body.  Her soul.  All meshed with mine in a way that told me I was exactly where I needed, and wanted, to be.  We two ice cubes had further melted into our singular pool of Love.

Our breath became one in that first kiss.  Our bodies sunk into each other as stars melded and suns engulfed each other.  Life was born there, and memories faded.  Injury was cured, scars healed, and a song that God herself sang was written in that place where our two bodies finally felt a new earth born.  There, I knew my destiny.  There, I needed no proof of anything.

We repeated that first kiss many, many times over the course of our time together.  I call those moments the “Big Bang”, the creation of a Universe of Love that may never be repeated again in this lifetime.  Eventually, like is the case with many a Universe, the mind seemed to kill what the Divine had created yet each time my heart beats I remember that first kiss and the purity that defined it.

In that regard I will always cherish that moment.  It continued a process of transformation that continues even this day, and I still get the feeling of absolute and pure love in the memory.  While a tear may creep its way into my eye in the thought, it is a smile that forces it to spill upon my cheek.  I am grateful for feeling such love, and while the experience may never be repeated again in my life, I certainly am grateful for the opportunity I had to have it.  I have been blessed.


photo by: seriousbri