What I Love About You


What do I love about you?

I could say that I love your smile; how it brightens the room and lifts the fog from the room. How your eyes tell a story of joy as your lips rise to meet them. How the clouds part and the sun rises when your soul shouts the praise of the ecstasy within you.

I could say that I love your body; how you seem to have been cut from a mold of my desire, how you waltz into my heart through my clear, open eyes.

I could say that love your mind; how your thoughts inspire me to greatness, how your wit moves the mountains of stubbornness from my thinking.

I could say that I love your soul; how it led you to me, how it speaks to me in languages I never thought I knew.

There is no distance I would not travel to get to you, nor any time that I would not wait for you. There is always one more breath I would take to hold you, and one more step in my tired legs in which I would carry you. That is what I love about you, what you inspire within me, about me, and around me. I love what you help me see, what I uncover by looking at myself through you, and what goodness I feel simply by hearing your name.

What I love about you is what I love about me, and what I love about me is what I have found in you. And I am grateful.