Realize it.

OSH-drop-the-idea-of-becoming-someone-because-you-are-already-aWhat is this moment of distraction that has me falling into the soft, white whispers of my mind? What has pulled me out there again? What has created this attention back into insanity?

I can feel them whisper, and I want to change the song. Why?

Flashback to the boy so wanting the acceptance and respect of others. Stop the torment, stop the pain. I give you authority over me, and with it my own sense of responsibility. I allow you to own me, and I become your lap dog.

“How can I serve you Master,” I hear myself asking them. And they answer.

Back to reality. I am here, now, not there, then. I close my eyes and breathe.  I am a tree, and I feel my roots heading down into the Earth. I feel Her embrace me, and I feel renewed strength in my limbs, in my core. The fog lifts and I see my Self, again, and I smile.

The green-hued light that surrounds me allows the world to come alive within me. I am reminded of my power, my strength, and I see my path illuminated anew. I feel love surround me, gripping me like it was my own skin, my own flesh, and I know I have returned.

“I love you all.”

Love was always there, allowing me to see what I needed to see.  I am the masterpiece I have always wanted to be.

Realize. It. Now.



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